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About your Councillors and Clerk

Parish Clerk

7 Bridge Close, Cromer, NR27 0FJ

Gemma Harrison
Telephone:  01263 513269
Email: clerk.cley@gmail.com


Cllr Dr Victoria Holliday

Knoll House,
Church Lane ,
Cley ,
NR25 7UD
Telephone: 01263 740348

Vice- Chairman

Cllr Richard Allen

102 High Street,
NR25 7NX
Telephone: 07920 520554

Other Council members

Cllr Timothy Baker

Shingle Flat, 5 Westgate Street,
NR25 7NQ
Telephone: 01263 740529

Cllr Richard C High

2 Glandford Road,
NR25 7TR
Telephone: 01263 740872

Cllr Judith Holman

The Bungalow,
Church Lane,
NR25 7UD
Telephone: 01263 740073

Cllr Peter Meadows
1 The Old School
The Fairstead
Cley  NR25 7AP
Telephone: 07368 263003

Cllr Roy Williamson

6 Glandford Road, Cley, NR25 7TR

Telephone: 01263 740901