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We’ve raised the money to  build Cley’s curloo!

Cley Parish Council is about  to start building our much needed accessible community toilet next to Cley Village Hall!

We’ve raised over £35,500! That’s £16,000 in grants and over £19,500 in donations, ‘brick’ sales and auction pledges from our fabulous Auction of Promises.

We’re very excited Cley parishioner Chris Lubbock is going to be the builder! He thinks he’ll be breaking ground early March, and I reckon we’ll be operational by the late May bank holiday.

I can’t thank you all enough for your support. You have all been incredibly generous, including Hudson Architects who have been behind us all the way.

We’re still fundraising to build up a maintenance and day-to-day running cost fund.

Cley curloo T shirts still for sale

Smart Cley curloo T shirts for grownups and children are still are for sale at Picnic Fayre, Cley.

Spare change is welcomed in our new collection boxes

Local shops, cafes and pubs have our new collection boxes, to keep our new loo flushing. Spare change is much appreciated!

Buying health and well being products online benefits us

Rebecca Pigott, who runs an online business with health and wellbeing products, is very generously offering 20% of her profits to the Cley community toilet. We are extremely grateful to her for her support. Find out more at rebeccapigott.flp.com.

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This page will keep you up to date with the latest news –  please add it to your favourites and keep coming back to see how we are getting on with Cley’s curloo.

Thank you again for your support!