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A Historic Day for Cley Harbour

Cley Harbour welcomed its largest traditional commercial sailing vessel in more than 60 years last Saturday 27th October – the whelker named Salford, from the Coastal Exploration Company, sailed into Cley Harbour at 9am on Saturday morning. Watch its arrival here.


A once thriving place, the port at Cley-next-the-Sea in north Norfolk was one of the busiest in the UK and saw cargoes of grain, malt, cloth, and spices exported and imported to and from Europe. Over the centuries, siltation and land reclamation led its estuary becoming unnavigable – until now!

Cley as a port has been up and running again for the last three years after an initial dredge to clear the harbour of mud, since then it has again become a focus for the village with smaller boats coming and going on the high tides.

Last Saturday was a historic day for Cley Harbour as not only did it welcome the 30ft Whelker but Cley Harbour also received an Environment Award from North Norfolk District Council.  The award acknowledges that the project has set a bench mark for the harbour’s continued use and the hard work from all involved in the community project.

It is exciting times for Cley Harbour and with the first round of consultations just finished for a further dredge, it is hoped that the project will go on to have further success with welcoming large vessels to Cley Harbour on a more regular basis.

For more information please see the Cley Harbour website at www.cleyharbour.co.uk


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