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October 2013 report

Quite a hectic meeting with at least fifteen members of the public present as well as five Parish Councillors, one District Councillor and our PCSO. Noticeable by her absence was our ex-Clerk, alas, so Muggins had to take the Minutes instead. At least we did gain a Councillor during the course of the evening as Tim Baker was duly co-opted. It has to be admitted that half the parishioners were there to pay their allotment rents, but some of them at least stayed on for the meeting. A quick reminder for those that haven’t paid – your allotment rent is now overdue – cheques can be brought to the next council meeting or dropped off at the pottery – with a note of your plot number please. Di has recently given me all her stuff relating to the allotments but it’s going to take me some time to familiarise myself with it all.

PCSO Clarke reported that there had been eleven calls to the Police over the last month, mostly ‘domestics’ – and mostly from just one address – but that no actual crimes had been committed. Sadly, possibly as he was speaking, someone was busy breaking into several sheds on the allotments next door. The miscreant left some very nice clear evidence in one of the sheds… It bears pointing out again that the oil theft season is here once more so please take whatever precautions you can – screening the tank might be a start.

There is a tree on the Fairstead which is in need of felling. Having established ownership – at least in the negative sense – it falls to the Parish Council to deal with it. A tree surgeon has been contacted and he has in turn contacted the Tree Officer at the NNDC (I hope) so we’re all ready to go just as soon as EdF or UK Power Networks or whoever can come along and supervise the works as there are electricity cables running through the canopy. About a month they said. We have also had reports of a couple of sycamores on Hillside having been deliberately poisoned. Not by the Parish Council I hasten to add. The tree surgeon will have a look at these too and take the necessary action, though on first glance it seems they got too close to a bonfire. Careless trees. We are also hoping to make a start on clearing the rubble and rubbish at the bottom (north) end of this site as part of the local management plan. On the subject of tidying up the village, the ditch along the north-west edge of the green needs digging out again. Councillor High has kindly agreed to hire a mini-digger and do the work for us.

It is going to be a busy winter here in Cley. The Anglian Water plan to dig up the Deli’s car park, not to mention a chunk of the New Road, has sensibly been postponed to early January. The work is scheduled to take three months which will take it into March and perilously close to the Easter holidays if there are any overruns. The February half-term could be interesting too. Elsewhere in the village, the Mill will be having new sails fitted in February/March which will involve a very large crane, not to mention a lorry long enough to carry the  sails to the site. From memory, last time the sails were installed the lorry parked in the High Street and the crane lifted the sails over the houses: it was a very large crane. To avoid these works causing damage, work on surfacing the quay road has been put back to the week commencing 24 March 2014. Whether or not the work on Church Lane will have been completed by then is another question – one to which I do not have an answer. Have I forgotten anything? Rhetorical questions: who needs them? There is I suppose the outside chance that BT will come and paint their telephone box – the District Council’s conservation people are chasing them on our behalf. Let’s hope they have more luck than we have had so far. Altogether an interesting season in prospect. Alternatively, a good time to take that extended holiday in Spain that you have been promising yourself for years.

We have just received the latest schedule from the Norfolk Community Law Service for its sessions in Cromer. A great organisation offering free legal advice to local people. For more information contact the NCLS at Boardman House, Redwell Street, Norwich NR2 4SL Tel 01603 496623 info@ncls.co.uk www.ncls.co.uk.

The search for a new Clerk goes on. In the meantime we need to appoint a Responsible Financial Officer so that’s one item for the next Agenda sorted. Our next performance of “Hamlet – without the Prince” will be on Tuesday 5 November at 7.30pm in the Club Room. Apparently there won’t be a bonfire this year so you will have to leave behind your effigies of prominent politicians and bankers.

Richard Kelham

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  1. Maryam says:

    This Video shows the true nature of South Willingham, a small English conrtuy village lost in time to the rest of the conrtuy, where all the village people look out for each other and LOVE their small but timeless little village. Christina and Myself (Roly) have only been here since August 2012, we have been welcomed with open arms and will be staying here as long as our time on this earth allows us.We Love You South Willingham.Roly Livesey Friday November 23rd 2012

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