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September 2012 report

The moon must have been blue that night for, lo and behold, there stood PCSO Philip Berkeley. And a very useful visit it was too. A recent Police raid in the Holt area turned up a lot of stolen property, much of it of a nautical flavour, so if you’ve had any boat gear nicked in the last few months you could do worse than contact the Wells Safer Neighbourhood Team on 101 to see if it has turned up: you might be lucky.

PCSO Berkeley also advised us that the Police will be taking a look at vehicles coming into the village on the Holt Road. It’s very tempting to whizz down the hill and not to brake quite hard enough at the bottom. Give way to that temptation in the next few weeks and you might, just might, run into a Policeman wielding a speed gun. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

He also pointed out that now is the season for buying central heating oil which is followed closely by the season for nicking said heating oil – it’s almost as if the thieves trail around after the tankers making a note of who is having a delivery. The Police have suggested that householders email them when they have had a top-up so that a patrol car can cruise by occasionally on the off-chance of seeing something suspicious. I’m not totally convinced this will work – particularly now I’ve blown it – but if you are interested the address to email is berkeleyp@norfolk.pnn.police.uk

Our County Councillor reminded us, by phone, about the Council’s Community Fund. The Council’s blurb states: “Are you a community-led organisation, such as a town or parish council, voluntary or community group, charity or similar body? If so, you could get funding of £100 to £100,000 to help us build a better Norfolk, improve your local area and support the local economy wherever possible by employing small businesses in Norfolk, local workers and contractors.

Norfolk County Council has created a brand new £3.5m investment fund to enable communities across Norfolk to bring to life building projects that will make a real difference to local life. Organisations can apply for a share of the Fund to get a wide range of construction schemes off the ground. The first round of applications is open from Monday 10 September 2012.” Full details are available on the NCC website. Is this any use to us? Should we dust off the plans for public toilets in the village? You tell us.

I don’t think the fund covers conservatories though. The latest government wheeze to kick start the economy without actually doing anything is to allow householders to build bigger extensions onto their houses without bothering with planning consent. Quite apart from undermining local democracy, I doubt this will provide much work for the building trade, but it’s pretty much guaranteed to keep the lawyers busy. The government are again talking about neutering the Planners as if they were the ones causing the recession simply by blocking ‘much-needed’ new housing schemes. Stand-by for a barrage of criticism from those notorious left-wingers the CPRE, the National Trust and the Daily Telegraph who led the opposition last time they tried this stunt. The thing is, there are 400,000 planning consents already out there (not all in North Norfolk fortunately) – that means they could legally build 400,000 houses tomorrow without going anywhere near the local councils – but these houses are not being built simply because the developers doubt they could sell them with the economy in the mess it’s currently in. Still, mustn’t forget that the big property developers paid an awful lot of money to get this policy through…

Anyone know how to get congealed molten rubber off cobbles? We had a spot of excitement the other weekend when departing holidaymakers noticed that the overhead power cable leading to their cottage was on fire, or at least the safety sheathing around it was. While I called EdF someone else called the Fire Brigade with the result that half an hour later we had fire engines converging on the High Street from all three directions: it was almost a dead-heat between the Holt and Sheringham appliances with the Wells one trailing in third. I hope they weren’t too disappointed to be confronted by flames no more than two inches high. In the event one crew had to hang around waiting for the best part of an hour for the Electricity people to arrive while the ‘fire’ blazed on – well you don’t want to go squirting water at a live electric cable, do you. All is now sorted, the cable has been replaced, without sheathing, and all that is left is the horrible mess on the floor, so I ask again, does anyone know how to get congealed molten rubber off cobbles?

Richard Kelham



Some of our brave firefighters waiting to tackle the smallest fire in living memory



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