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May 2012 Report

Yawn. Where was I? Oh yes the Annual Parish Meeting, closely followed by the normal, if such a word can be used, Parish Council meeting. But before these meetings we had a joint discussion with the Social Club (pretty much the entire membership turned out) and the Village Hall committee. The purpose was to try to find a way of increasing the Social Club income without in any way cannibalising other Village Hall income streams. The decision was made that, as the drinks licence is held by the Social Club, it would be right to levy a corkage charge of £2 a bottle on the organisers of events who choose to bring in their own alcohol. The Social Club were also of the view that all such drink brought in should be stored behind the bar and doled out when necessary, working on dear V I Lenin’s dictum that “trust is good, but control is better”. Not sure this will work out in practice, but let’s see.

Back to the Annual Parish Meeting: nothing much happened which isn’t news because it rarely does. I presented my report which is appended to the end of this one, Di Dann presented the accounts, and Councillors Perry-Warnes and Young gave us their sixpennyworth which will be summarised in the minutes, to be published elsewhere on this website. There was one comment from a parishioner – a complaint about a brown and white springer spaniel being taken across the allotments, not on a leash, and  allowed to defecate on someone’s plot. We know where you live…

This brief interlude was followed by the Parish Council meeting. This is the time of the year when the Parish Council chooses its officers, and there being otherwise a grave shortage of idiots in the village, I was persuaded to take the chair for another year. Siemon Scammel-Katz was appointed vice-chairman, much to my relief if not to his.

The Council is trying to register the short footpath that runs alongside the George beer garden from the road to the sea-wall path. We need witness forms signed by residents who can show they have been using this path for at least a dozen years. If you fit these criteria then please contact Di Dann (01328 878196) for a form.

As usual there were a few planning applications to be commented on, planning decisions to be noted, financial matters to be dealt with – the paying of bills and receipt of the first tranche of the precept from the District council. All these things are covered in detail in the (published) minutes so I will not bore you by rehearsing them here. Suffice to say that the next meeting will be held on Tuesday 5 June 2012 at 7.30pm in the Clubroom. But first the Annual Report.


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