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April 2012 report

Councils elect a Chairman and a Vice Chairman annually at their AGM in May. Cley, doing different, decided last May not to elect a Vice–Chairman or rather everyone was too shy to put their names forward. Not a problem if your Chairman manages to come to every meeting. Unfortunately Richard had to send his apologies for our April meeting so we found ourselves in the situation of having to elect a Chairman from the members present. With no briefing on the meeting Mark Randell took the Chair or rather he agreed to chair the meeting, if he could stay where he was seated!

We heard our usual reports and were told that the Village Hall Committee was planning a picnic on 4th June on the Playground area. So everyone bring rugs and let’s hope the weather is kind. It is of course the Jubilee week end and, though not many of us can remember, the heavens opened on that same day in 1952.

We have two new allotment tenants – but we want more. Large plots, which can be sub-divided, are available so if you are interested in an allotment, please contact the Clerk.

Our District Councillor David Young had sent a report. He had recently been made aware that Norfolk Green is to increase fares for the CoastHopper by a significant amount and will be reducing services in the light of reduced subsidies from central government and the NCC. He had written to ask for details and had asked to be kept advised of developments and would be exploring with NNDC whether there is any opportunity for assistance in the light of the effect on tourism and the local economy and the importance of the bus route for local residents. Car park charges in North Norfolk have gone up yet again. We are told by them that it is their only source of income – what happens to our Council tax I can hear you saying!

Police presence was notable. Two officers attended and we were told that 7 calls to Police had been noted in the last month. A quad bike traveling to Blakeney Point had been issued with a s59 ticket. Marine theft was continuing and most were opportunist thefts. There had been a gang arrest in Gt. Yarmouth.

The Old Quay tidy up morning was considered a big success and this was despite the elements. Polly and Mark at Quay House would be thanked for their hospitality. Great mug of tea on a freezing morning! It was agreed to have another tidy up event in May / June when the reeds were growing. The County Council would also be asked to trim back the shrubs overgrowing the access route down to the Quay area. If they are your shrubs then get out there and do this work yourself before NCC does it for you and charges you for it! Note that if you want to remove anything which is bigger than your wrist you will need to get permission from the NNDC tree officer.

The Old Quay tidy up counted several craft which have been left in this area for quite some time. Please, if you have a boat on the old quay area, don’t just leave it there to slowly rot. At least let us know if the boat belongs to you, and look after it!

An e mail from the Enforcement Officer of NNDC was read, following the letter written by the Clerk expressing concern at the encroachment of building materials onto public land on the east side of 1 Beau Rivage. The Enforcement Officer advised that when building work stopped the site would be cleared. The problem is that a hurdle fence has now been erected on public land and it’s unlikely that is going to go when the building work is finished!

Forms to substantiate a request to modify the footpath order are coming in. This is the path from the George bend down to the old sea defence wall which is now part of the Norfolk Coastal footpath. We need to hear from anyone who has a memory of at least 20 years of using this footpath. A letter from the NWT concerning the beach sculptures had been received, and we are pleased to note that they have approved appropriate sculptures for erection during the Arts Festival. Looking forward to seeing those. One wonders what might not have been appropriate for the beach….

Items on the agenda of our next meeting will be the General Power of Competence and Big Society Project funding now available from the District Council. The General Power of Competence is new legislation coming from the Localism Act passed in November 2011. If we get ourselves qualified for this then we can do virtually anything we want (well not quite everything), whereas presently we are restricted in law on things we can do. The Big Society Project Fund is money available to community groups by way of an application to North Norfolk District Council. (Lets get some of our car parking money or council tax back – yeah!) Needless to say there are criteria for these grant awards but it is worth considering.

So we look forward to seeing you at our next meeting which is on Tuesday 1st May at 7.00 p.m. This the Annual Parish Meeting. It will be followed by the Annual Parish Council Meeting at which we hope to elect our Chairman for the ensuing year and also may be a Vice-Chairman

Di Dann

Parish Clerk

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