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July 2011 Report

Now that the website is up and running we hope that it will become a useful resource for both residents and visitors. In particular it will be possible to download items such as the Highways plan for the resurfacing work in the High Street due to start early in 2012, weather permitting, and the detours that will be in place for the duration of the work: all traffic will be sent via Langham, Holt and the A148 to Sheringham! A wide berth indeed. Apart from the din of pneumatic drills, scrapers, lorries and road rollers it should be a very quiet time. But first we have to learn how to do all this fancy internet stuff…

The possibilities of the website are, almost, endless. We could have regular blog entries, Twitter feeds, even a Facebook page (or is Facebook now hopelessly passé? It must be if I’m on it) and even a bottle-bank webcam. Could, but probably won’t. If you have any bright ideas about how to make the site even more useful don’t be shy, contact the council and we’ll see what can be done, if anything. A list of current planning applications – with links to the relevant NNDC pages – might be one idea.

The meeting reviewed all the various projects the Council has going, none of which are in an advanced enough state to report on – other than the bare bones published in the minutes. One project mentioned before (endlessly) is the harbour clear up campaign which is provisionally slated for next summer. This needs money (of course) but also the co-operation of Natural England and the NWT so there may yet be delays – getting a response from NE can take months. One of the minor problems is that someone has built a jetty out from the restored wooden quay wall directly contrary to Parish Council policy as communicated to the (now defunct) Cley Boat Club back in 1996. This structure will need to be removed before work can commence. When work does begin much of the quay will have to be closed to vehicular traffic to allow our heavy plant to manoeuvre, though we will endeavour to keep the Coast Path open for as long as it is safe to do so.

The Police sent their apologies and a report detailing the exciting time they’ve had in the past month dealing with crime in this parish. No actual crime in fact but a certain amount of anti-social behaviour. The warm summer weather means that people open their windows; open windows mean an increase in disputes between neighbours over noise – five incidents reported to the Police in the last month alone – though there’s usually nothing a bit of tolerance and consideration for others couldn’t cure.

Summer also seems to bring out large numbers of hairy bikers riding the biggest, noisiest motorcycles American ingenuity can produce, though this month the complaint was about youths on motorbikes. So that’s hairless bikers then.

I’m sitting writing this report in a cottage nestling on the north slope of the Blackdown Hills in Somerset. We have a wonderful view over the Taunton Vale and a less wonderful view of the M5 motorway some four miles away. Reading the minutes of the local Parish Council (and how sad is that?) one is struck by the many similarities, and a few differences, in the problems faced. For instance they have a much busier village hall than we do with regular events on most days of the week, including an Over-60s Club; though they do have three times the population of Cley I bet we could match them for over-60s. What they also have is a Councillor who acts as Public Footpath Liaison Officer and keeps an eye on the 18 miles of public rights of way on their patch. What an excellent idea! Any volunteers? Please. By the way, if you think Cley traffic is bad in the Summer months try slipping past Bristol on the M5 on a Friday afternoon – eight lanes, four each way, and all jammed solid.


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