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June 2011 Report

We had three applicants to fill the vacancy on Cley Parish Council. What luxury. After a (secret) ballot, conducted of course on the AV system, Stanley Moore emerged as the winner on first preferences, so welcome Stanley. Many thanks also to the unsuccessful candidates – unless one of us falls off the perch in the meantime, the next elections will be held in May 2015, so please stand again then. That goes for anyone else interested in serving their community in this way. I can guarantee there will be at least one vacancy.

The Police, in the person of PCSO Becky Taylor, gave us a report. It seems the Thin Blue Line is getting thinner by the month as the Wells Safer Neighbourhood Team is down to one Sergeant (temporary), one Constable and two PCSOs, or about half what it was a year ago. By coincidence crime has doubled (cue screaming tabloid headlines) to… ermmm… two incidents in the last five weeks: the theft of a canoe and now the theft of staff personal belongings from a shop – nasty one, that. The Police don’t have much to go on – just a vague description of two suspects, a man and a woman, in the second case – but any information from the public would be most welcome; this community does not appreciate those who abuse our hospitality. It’s unlikely they used the canoe as a getaway vehicle.

The beach shelter (aka the Cley Hilton) is suffering from the weather. The seaward face in particular, battered by the savage north winds straight from the Arctic, is looking very sad. Repairs will be carried out in due course though the bus shelter is ahead in the queue. As it doesn’t seem all that long ago that we last repaired the beach shelter, one does begin to wonder just what use these two buildings still have. Twenty years ago, if you missed the bus, you could wait several days for the next one. Now there are two or three buses a day at Newgate… The problem is to think of viable alternative uses.

On the subject of buses, the CoastHopper timetable boasts that over half a million passengers were carried last year – several of whom may even have paid for the privilege – and that is a lot of traffic off the road. That at least is the rationale behind it. Mean while we have an excellent service that probably will not survive the cuts, so use it while you can. Actually at certain times of the day/year it is standing room only on these buses, in which case it’s “use it if you can”. By the way, the cuts programme at the County Council is called “Norfolk Forward” – oh that George Orwell could be alive this day…

The Parish Council website is almost ready – indeed it may be up by the time you read this – and will have all the usual stuff you can find on the Council’s notice board, plus useful contacts for visitors, a bit of history, a lot of pretty pictures, and also links to local B&Bs and other businesses, the extremely modest fee for which should defray the running costs of the website. Any business proprietors wishing to be included should contact Di Dann on 01328 878196. Unlike at the District Council, our phones actually work, though to be fair I hear the NNDC phones have been restored – and after just one week. Such wonderful service from BT.


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